Al-Iqra Teachers' Training College, Bario, Govindpur, Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

WELCOME TO Al-Iqra Teachers' Training College

Equal opportunity is the fundamental principle of our sacred constitution of India. Our Indian society is based on numerous religious, cultural communities, caste and creed, India as a whole is one nation, despite different fragrances of race, religion, caste and creed. Our very constitution creates a sense of equal opportunity and responsibility in us to share in the development of the nation as a whole.
The makers of the constitution, keeping in view the welfare of the Indian society have made good for progress of all communities suffering on account of educational and economic backwardness. It was not less important an issue before them to look into the backwardness of the minority community in India based on the linguistic, cultural and religious heritage. Muslim minority in India is one of the recognised linguistic and religious minority.
Article "30(i)" was provisioned to guard the educational interest of minority communities providing privileges to establish educational institution of their choice piercing there in article "29" sensing to maintain the secular standard of the right granted to minority community under the above said article "30" of the constitution of India. The privilege to establish institution and to cater education particularly in the minority community is unfettered right granted to the minority but not baring the interest of other community in general. Our secular government too with the passage of time. formulated various programmes for the upliftment of educationally and economically backward and downtrodden communities.
The Muslim community based on religion, linguistic and cultural heritage is the biggest minority community representing the Indian society as a whole but is educationally and economically extremely backward. The Jharkhand state now being an independent new state cannot imagine to prosper at all levels, unless greater importance is chosen, to give progress to the pace of development of the masses. The population of Jharkhand predominantly rests upon the Mining activities and is deprived of educational upliftment. Al-Iqra Trust aiming at providing technical institutions. preferred at the first instance to promote technical/professional education; established a Teacher's Training College in the name and style of "Al-Iqra Teachers' Training College" in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Bario. (Govindpur) to provide trained and skilled manpower to institutions from primary level to senior secondary standard. As such this institution is appreciated to meet the long felt need of the state.
This is the age of specialisation. Particularly, the task of education of children needs skilled teachers to combat the problem of modern education, scientific and artisan teachers to protect the interest of students to compete with the modern progressive education developing in the world. Al-Iqra Teachers' Training College is also recognised as a pioneering Institution to start Teachers' Training (B.Ed.) course in the state of Jharkhand and also got recognition for D.El.Ed. Course also as another feather in the crown.


• Fostering Global Competence among students.
• Inculcating a Value System among students.
• Contributing to National Development.
• Promoting Use of Technology.
• Humaneness in all dealings.
• Strengthening democracy.
• Environmental sensitivity.
• Quest for Excellence.


• To create an awareness among student-teachers about community, national and global issues and its educational implications.
• To nurture the thirst for knowledge and skills in the latest innovations and technologies in education.
• To provide supportive skills in dealing with academic and personal problems of learners.
• To cultivate organisational skills through team work, collaboration and co-operation.
• To sensitize the student-teachers towards the threatening environmental issue.
• To train the student-teachers in imparting and evaluating learning experiences.
• To prepare student-teachers to bring in quality in all their professional skill.
• To inspire the student-teachers to meet the challenges of dynamic society.
• To provide opportunities to interact with experts in the field of education.
• To inculcate research skills to find solutions to classroom problems.
• To inspire individual, social, emotional and intellectual competence.
• To direct the student teachers to fulfill their role as nation builders.
• To develop networking skills with their contemporaries.


Dhanbad was declared sub-division in 1908 (earlier it was under Govindpur Sub-division itself and later the court and other offices were shifted to Dhanbad).
Dhanbad District was constituted vide Govt. notification no. A4-1912 dt. 24.10.1956 by bifurcating Manbhum District.
From Geographical point of view district is divided in three natural parts.
(A) North-Western Plateau Area
(B) South Eastern Coal Mine Area
(C) Plain of North & South.
The plain Area is comparatively less developed and there is internal migration of the work force to coal mine region.
Dhanbad is a land with a glorious & majestic past, wonderful & magnificent future.
* Population density - 1316/Sq.Km.(As per 2011 sensus)
* Forest Area - 7.9%,264sqm
* Area - 2995Sq.Km.
* Height/Altitude - 840ft.above sea level.


* Winter temp. - Max. 22°C Min. 8° C
* Summer temp. - Max. 44°C Min. 22°C
* Rainfall. - C 140 cm (July to Sept.)
* Humidity - 61%
* Wind SE - 1.61km / hr

Major Languages: Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Khortha & English Dhanbad is internationally famous for its rich Coalfield. It is 148 K.M from Ranchi, the capital of the state of Jharkhand. This industrial and commercial town in Chotanagpur plateau has the distinction of lying in the heart of India's richest coalfield, because of this reasons it is called COAL CAPITAL.
Excursion: The collieries, various technical institutions like Indian School of Mines, BIT Sindri of highest order, like CMFRI attractive neighbourhood and the land scape e.g. Topchanchi lake, Maithon dam of DVC.
Panchet Dam are the chief attractions of this area. This district of Jharkhand state has the pride of glory of the world renowned pilgrimage Baidyanath Dham at a very short distance.


1.The college is situated at exactly 3 KM from Govindpur G.T Road, on the left hand side of the Govindpur-Giridih. (Tundi) Highway and only 15 KM from Dhanbad railway station.
2. The college is spread over 2 Acre of land with a built up area of 10178 sq. ft.
3. The Institution has an state of art 4 storied building in its campus, has a double storied hostel exclusively for boys in its campus itself and plans to build separate girls hostel within reasonable period.
4. The college is situated in a totally pollution free area away from the madding crowd of the city and industrial hubbub.
5. The picturesque scene amidst which the College is situated is having panoramic view of mountains "GOLEPAHARI & DANGI hills & KHUDIA" river and lush green field all around makes the campus an elegant place for teaching and learning in the lap of the nature.


Railway: Dhanbad being on grand cord line is an ideal place from where to visit other parts of Jharkhand, Eastern India and any other part of the country is very easy.
Road Linkage: The college is on the highway side which is closely connected to the G.T. Road leading to Kolkata emerging from Delhi-the capital of India.