Al-Iqra Teachers' Training College, Bario, Govindpur, Dhanbad, Jharkhand.


Welcome to Al-Iqra Teachers' Training College

Equal opportunity is the fundamental principle of our sacred constitution of India. Our Indian society is based or numerous religious, cultural communities, caste and creed, India as a whole is one nation, despite different fragrances of race, religion, caste and creed. Our very constitution creates a sense of equal opportunity and responsibility in us to share the development of the nation as a whole.
The makers of the constitution, keeping in view the welfare of the Indian society have made good for progress of all es suffering on account of educational and economic backwardness, it was not less important an issue befores to look into the backwardness of the minority community in India based on the...


The almighty created this blue planet with land, air and water, decorated with mountains, glaciers, river, climate, minerals and other precious things. We tried our level best to create Al-Iqra Teachers' Training College, the College of our dream.
College has been running successfully and gloriously. It is one of the oldest and prestigious College of Govindpur, Dhanbad. The College has made excellent progress during this period. Every Student is important for us and the College has taken upon the responsibility of providing the students the best facilities as well as a good environment to make them feel at home... Read More


• To imbibe in pupil the sense of devotion, dedication and determination towards their responsibility as a responsible teacher, mentor & citizen of the motherland and produce world class teachers.
• To embolden in pupil the feelings of nationalism, secularism, universal brotherhood and creating perfect resource person to help strengthen the democratic & human values, national integration and international understanding Read More