About Us!

Welcome to Al Iqra Teachers' Training College. We are the pioner college in the city of Dhanbad.

Al Iqra Teachers' Training College is located in Dhanbad city . We are in the field of education since year 2000 . A decade experience and success is carried forward to make life better for people around us.

The Muslim community based on religion, linguistic and cultural heritage is the biggest minority community representing the Indian society as a whole and is educationally and economically backward. The Jharkhand State now being an independent state can not imagine to prosper at all levels, unless greater importance is chosen, to give progress to the pace of development of the masses. The population of Jharkhand predominantly rests upon the Mining activities and is deprived of educational upliftment.

Al-Iqra Trust aiming at providing technical institutions, preferred at the first instance to promote technical education established a Teachers' Training College in the name and style of Al-Iqra Teachers' Training College in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Bario (Govindpur) to provide trained and skilled manpower to institutions from primary level to senior secondary standard. As such this institution is appreciated to meet the long felt need of the state. This is the age of specialisation. Particularly, the task of education of children needs skilled teachers to combat the problem of modern education, scientific and artisan teachers to protect the interest of students to compete with the modern progressive education developing in the world. Al-Iqra Teachers' Training College is also recognised as a pioneering Institution to start Teachers' Training (B.Ed) course in the state of Jharkhand.